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About Saverglass

Saverglass is a high-end manufacturer & decorator of luxury glass bottles, producing hundreds of different types of customized glass bottles in 7 factories in Europe, North America, and Middle East.


It is a great example of a company that made a major digital leap with production planning & scheduling thanks to Checkmate.

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Each glass factory has one or multiple furnaces producing liquid glass that continuously flows to several feeder lines, which transform the liquid glass into bottles. Planners need to decide which batch of bottles is going to start and end at which line. Respecting the production sequence of different bottles on the different lines is a major challenge for the planning department. The sequence in which bottles are produced must be managed such that the size of a bottle produced on one line should not increase too fast for the system to adjust.

A detailed production schedule is generated one month in advance, with each batch assigned to a specific furnace, and each order targeted to meet its commercial due date.

When making a production plan, several require- ments must be taken into account. The total amount of glass consumed by the feeder lines should be as close as possible to the maximal capacity of the furnace throughout the day.

Read the full version on our whitepaper.

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Digital leap

Leveraging data and analytics

Saverglass is a leading example of a company that has achieved a major digital leap in production planning and scheduling by leveraging data and analytics at scale, demonstrating that almost any type of planning complexity can be handled when using the right technology.

Key results

  • Increased capacity utilization (+20%)
  • Better just-in-time deliveries (up to +30%)
  • Lower lead times (up to -25%)
  • Shorter production times (up to -15%)
  • Reduced labor costs
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